Order cancelled but not cancelled

on 12/11/19 I ordered a phone online for in store pickup.  After MUCH round and round, verizon said I never picked up the phone, but the store said they never received the order.  (I tried to explain to CS that I can't pick up a phone that the store tells me they don't have) After many chats and attempted phone calls, I was assured several times that the order was indeed cancelled.  However, I am still showing that I can't upgrade until 2012 as if I DID purchase a new phone.  I just want to get my account correct so I can actually order a phone.  When I call I get put on hold for longer than my break at work lasts.  When I chat, they assure me it is being taken care of.  I give it a few days, no change.  Beyond frustrating!  Been a long time verizon customer but this current cutomer service experience is making me re-think that. What else can I do?  This is taking up way too much time.

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If I based my overall experience on chat support alone, I'd have left for TMobile.

What you do is call on a day you have the time for a CS agent to cancel the order. Their supervisor will do this and remove the agreement + change upgrade date to same day. Long hold times and supervisor availability is the downside to this, but at least it will be done unlike being lied to by chat.

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I recently did a preorder. I ordered 2 pros on one order and a 13 on another. The 13 regular got shipped and delivered. the order made with the pros got canceled by Verizon. I have been told 5 different things. The problem here is the trade in promotion. Which is the only reason we did this upgrade at this time. We would get 800 for our trade ins vs. 440. Which is a big price in the bigger picture. My bill was only going to increase by $20 now if I don't get this fixed it will go up by 40. I will no proceed by accepting a mistake on Verizon's end, which they are unwilling to remediate. I will certainly move to another carrier.

1. One of my lines called in and canceled with the account pin.

2. Fraud department attempted to call and no one answered.

3. There was a payment processing error

4. I was told my 1 rep that a previous rep had cancelled the order.

5. I didn't meet the trade in eligibility criteria.


I think Verizon is doing this because there was an issue on their end and they do not want to come out to the public with these mistakes. Or the Fraud Department is making a profit by this action. I used to think that no one could come close to Verizon's customer service. I couldn't be any more wrong. I only have like 5 lines so they won't feel the hit. The company I work for, I manage several hundred lines. If this is the type of customer service received, I am going to seriously look at other carriers. No one should have to go through this.

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