Order issue
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Placed an order to upgrade my phone to a new iphone 12 pro and pick up at a store in a nearby town on Oct. 31st. Waited for email that it was ready to pickup. Never came. Store isnt a corporate on but an authorized reseller. They say they drnt email but to my old email address, checked that one and it's not there. Both store and Verizon say I cant pick it up without the email, store now says they dont have the phone any longer. Verizon said they can cancel the order but store had to cancel the device agreement, store doesn't know how or hadnt been able to do that yet. It is now showing up on my next bill, but order in my Verizon app is still saying we'll let you know when its ready to pick up. I just want this cleared out. They both have a little different story every time I talk to them. Verizon at first told me all I had to do was not pick it up and it would automatically be cancelled after 3 days which is obviously not the case its been 7 now. How do I get help with this? 20 year customer with 9 lines, help please???

Re: Order issue
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We want to get to the bottom of your order issues. We have sent you a Private Note to further assist you.