Ordering a new phone nightmare!
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I ordered a new phone with an upgrade trade in, chose "pick up" at local store.  That store did not have the phone in stock, like indicated on Verizon website when I ordered.  That's when the nightmare began.  I had to spend an extremely long time on chats, and trying to talk to a real person.  My account was not showing it was cancelled, so I could not reorder as it said I already traded in my old device.  Finally, Verizon said they "fixed" and try again in 4-5 days after it clears.  Forward to 5 days later, still not working.  Another several hours on the chats with them transferring me to different departments because "they couldn't help" and now the promo was over - "sorry I wouldn't be able to get that price anymore."  Then spoke on the phone with an actual live person (even though there were roosters crowing in the background), she had to "escalate" the issue so she could try to reorder for me.  Calls me back after 4 hours, thought it was fixed - oops no it wasn't.  "I'll call you back."  Calls back another hour later, says order went through and I just had to accept contract and pay.  I go to link in email and the contract is charging me for the new phone AND my current phone with 2 device activation fees.  Another literally 2 hours on a chat with different people, and they said they'd put a note on my account.   If I just paid and was charged, then it would be credited.  WHAT?  No, I am not agreeing to a contract that isn't correct.  The only other option was for me to call a given phone number and pay that way.  NO, not just calling to pay. I have been a customer for over 30 years.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  Nobody in hours and hours of chats and phone calls knows what they are doing.   OH, and now it's also on my new bill and the phone isn't even expected until late December but I am also paying again for the phone I already own. 

I am absolutely done.  Cancel my order - I'll be leaving Verizon.