Ordering online leads to empty promises

I ordered a new iPhone as an upgrade for my current one last Saturday, 5/2, with the expectation it would be available for pick up in store the next day. On the confirmation order said that I would receive an email letting me know when my order was ready for pick up. That email never came so Verizon cancelled the order since I failed to pick up. I reached out to customer service (they were phenomenal) and after spending ~6 hours with them online and over the phone on Wednesday 5/6, a new order was placed which was eligible for 2-day shipping. It is now Friday, 2 days later, and my phone is expected to be delivered by end of day Monday.

I understand that some things are out of the company's control but let that be a disclaimer somewhere in the process. After being patient when the first order was late and then spending a majority of my day working to get it resolved just to have to place another order since the phone rep did not read the notes from the online-chat rep, I would expect some kind of delivery by this point. 

The whole reason I ordered online was to avoid having to battle the sales reps but it seems I would have been better off doing that. 

Re: Ordering online leads to empty promises
Customer Service Rep

aldsummers, I totally understand how you feel. I know how eager you are to receive your device. we do provide 2-day shipping, however, due to everything that is going on with this pandemic, the shippers are experiencing a lot of delays right now. We never intentionally want you to be without a phone. I hope this helps.