Orders that won’t cancel/fall off account
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I placed an order for a watch two week ago, went into the store and we ended up having to redo the order; the original watch order is still showing as waiting for pickup.

Then, I placed an order for an iPhone and got to the store and they had sold the one I reserved, so needed to cancel that order to submit a new one for the correct phone. I cancelled it online, but cannot upgrade. Every call to Verizon (once an hour long call) keep saying to wait for it to fall off my account; several days later it hasn’t. For my next bill, the phone payment I never got is showing.

Anyone experienced this? I really don’t want to make payments on something I never got and I know if I call again, it’s going to be an hour on hold with no resolution. So frustrated 

Re: Orders that won’t cancel/fall off account
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Seems getting the run-around there don't bother us and wait if lucky may fix itself