Over 100 support messages so far

I’ve been going back and forth with support staff for 11 days now, and am over 100 messages into it so far. Three agents have told me that they would remove a fee from my account, and shortly thereafter I will receive another message from a different agent who says they will not remove it. I’ve asked for a sup but so far no help. I would think that the manpower to message back and forth for nearly two weeks is costing Verizon more than the initial issue totals. I’ve also sat on hold three times for 30 minutes each, and never did get anyone to pick up. I scheduled a “call me” and when I received that incoming call I was hung up on the moment I answered and said hello. It’s almost comical at this point and I think we’ll switch carriers over this. There’s really no excuse for service being this poor. Maybe it has always been this bad but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never had to call in during the 15 years we have been with the company. 

Re: Over 100 support messages so far
Customer Service Rep

Oh, my! This is never the type of experience we want for our customers when reaching out for support, SNJR! We value your 15 years of loyalty & wouldn't want to see you go. We're happy to help via this digital platform. I've sent you a Private Note. Please reply at your earliest convenience.