Over charged four months in a row

I have been having issues with my bill for over four months. I’ve called at least six times now and spoken to several different people. The hold time alone has been an hour just to get the agent, only to be promised after spending a long time talking to them that it will be fixed. It’s yet to be fixed and my bill keeps increasing!! All I did was add two lines, with two new phones that each had a trade in credit of $300 on one line and $600 on the other. I’ve been charged almost $400 every month with next month estimated now at $425!! I’ve asked for supervisors to be put on the line and I’ve yet to speak to one. The last agent I spoke to assured me that a supervisor would call me the next day, I’m still waiting from days ago. I’ve been with Verizon for almost 20 years and this has been the absolute WORST customer service I’ve encountered. If there’s anyone out there that can help, please do. I’m about to switch companies and I’d hate to do so after this long. 

Re: Over charged four months in a row

Trade in credits don’t start right away, usually the 3rd bill after trade in.

Unlimited data plan?  It’s required.

You should have charges for new lines, prorated on first bill, full line charge on second.   Yes?

And also your full, 2 installments are on the bill.  Yes?

 And upgrade fee?


Re: Over charged four months in a row
Customer Service Rep

Let's take a look at your billing charges. Please send us a Private Note. *Gen