Over charged on bill
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Verizon has been over charging me since May. The representative talked me into getting the first responders discount and purchasing 4 brand new phones. I was supposed to have a discount but I have been being over charged since May and now it is December. These dang employees have no earthly idea what they are doing. I have made sure they document every call. Then in November they advise me that you can NOT have a business account and be registered for a first responder. Dam! Wow! Holly ****! Can I return the phones? heck no! Go figure! So then I try to connect my old 8 plus and 7 plus. Then apple updates my software and the phones stop working. Verizon can't get this working either. Then they send me to apple. Apple wants to charge like 350 a dam phone to fix that was working fine before the upgrade. So now I move to a Personnel account to get my discount and my phone gets cut off due to over charges again. I have been calling and have been placed on hold for hours at a times. I have been transferred to so many departments then ask for a copy of all my notes they have entered on my account. Ya right! Due to save my butt legal charges (lol) they wont give them to me. What the heck is going on over there. Who is running this operation. I would be willing to bet our over charged bills are paying for them to have free phones and to stay at home and work. I am sooooooooo Done with this Company! If you want some free advise. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! You would think they would have some simpathy for someone that has been with the company for approx 20 years. Ya Right! Now I have no phone service and messed up phones.  



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Re: Over charged on bill
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Wow, Casey-007. I assure that this is not the way we want you to feel. Your loyalty and business mean the world to us. We do not overcharge our customers, we are not in this business for that, you guys are everything to us. Please respond to this with a private note, so I can assist you better.