Overbilled for non-existant device (and line)

I recently found out that I was overbilled for a Gizmo watch on my account that I don't recognize.   I called support and they verified that it was a system error.  It shows that it was activated back in 2014 which is impossible since Gizmo watches have only been around the last couple of years.  They also verified that the line has never been used.  Upon further investigation, they can see that I have been billed for this watch (and line) since some time in 2021.  Now, however, they are only willing to pay me back three month's worth of overpayment in the form of a credit on my next bill.  They told me that is the Verizon policy since it's possible that it might be a line that the customer (me) could have used in the past and forgotten about.  They say this even after they have already verified that the line was never used, was activated in an impossible timeline, and that it was a system error.

I need help in recovering costs from being overbilled for a watch and line that I never ordered and that a system glitch added to my account in error.

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