Overcharged by $700.00 through disappearing discounts and Verizon refuses to acknowledge!

Over a year ago, the contracted discounts on my account began changing monthly, with discounts being removed or changed unpredictably from each of my 4 lines without any reason. In addition, I have also incurred international charges as well as a long distance charge without cause. I immediately contacted Verizon when this first occurred. Through multiple communications to Verizon, over 10 instances throughout the last year, I was informed that indeed this was an error and that my requests for correction were to be escalated and that I was to wait several billing cycles to see the corrective actions of the supervisors. There were several occasions where I was kept on hold for over 4 hours just to be told that the issue needed to be escalated where only the information that I gave within the first 20 was used!!

At this point in time, 16 months from when this first began, the discounts have yet to be corrected and the overcharges have yet to be refunded. On December 15th 2021, I placed an inactive pricing request. On a subsequent call to Verizon (2/21/22), I was informed that the IPR was denied, and that correspondence was sent. I informed the technician that I had not received any correspondence stating that my IPR was denied. When I asked the technician if there is more information about why it was denied, I was told that there is no further information and that it just says denied. The total for the overages is approximately $708.94. How is it possible that I have been continuously told by Verizon that this is an error that will be fixed just to be then informed that Verizon will not do anything to correct this?

How do I proceed from here?

Re: Overcharged by $700.00 through disappearing discounts and Verizon refuses to acknowledge!
Customer Service Rep

We always want you to have the correct billing and discounts. We'd like to see what's going on. Let's get to the bottom of this. Please send us a Private Note for assistance.*Melissa