Overseas High-Usage Block
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Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19 and subsequent travel restrictions, a family member is stranded overseas and Verizon has put a block on the entire family account due to "high usage" so all of the members in the US are now without data, text, and talk. Not only is that an extremely depraved business practice in a time like this, but being a frontline worker in this situation without service and no way to contact my family (with standard text, talk, or internet text messaging services outside of WiFi) is extremely frustrating. We cannot even place calls to essential locations like workplaces and pharmacies. Has anybody had a similar situation and how did you work around this? We have been in contact with Verizon and they have yet to act on the situation they have put us in. 

Re: Overseas High-Usage Block
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We want to ensure you get the assistance you need. Please contact Financial Services at 866-266-1445.