PSA: Don't break your phone and expect good service for replacement
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I was unfortunate enough to accidentally break my phone yesterday. I went to a verizon store, since I am a paying verizon customer. I was told that all Verizon damage claims are outsourced now and was handed a flyer with a phone number to call... Think about that for a second. "Here, just call this number on your phone that does not work".

So, I asked to use their phone, and was told by an automated voice that call demand was high and to go online to make a claim. That would be super easy to do right then if my PHONE WORKED! Right?

I go home to put in the claim and pay the deductible (which I assume is about 2.5 times the price to fix the device) and select next day shipping for a replacement. That was a Friday. I get my phone on Monday because I guess calendars are hard or something.

So I decided to go online and watch a video on how to replace a phone screen for my model and the video was 12 minutes long, which would equate to about 30-40 minutes for an experienced tech... or an hour for me.

I guess I thought that maybe the store would see that my phone was defunct and would acknowledge I needed a new one ASAP. Find me a suitable replacement and file the claim for me as a first hand witness to the condition. Nope. They don't care.

I attempted to find a way to email or contact Verizon about my experience, but they don't want to hear about their failures. They don't care.

So, just expect that now Verizon will be all up into you for money, but when you need a favor, you gotta do the work yourself.

I will be stopping by some services wireless stores today to see if their customer service is just as pathetic and inept. If not, I'll be switching.

Hope this helps some of you that have actual expectations of decent service like I foolishly did.