PUBLIC BEWARE: Verizon Reps lie to you on upgrades!!!

I’ve been a long time customer of Verizon for many years but my recent experience with a customer service person named Brian has really soiled the credibility of Verizon’s reputation. I recently called the service technician for assistance in activating a brand new replacement iPhone X that had just been sent to me replacing a phone that was insured and determined a lemon. The rep that had helped me with the activation of the phone asked me if I would be interested in upgrading my iPhone X for a new 11 and said I’d be getting an $850 dollar credit for my phone. At first he said I would have to add a new phone line. I declined that offer as I was not interested in adding another phone line. He then told me to hold for a minute while he checked to see if he could get me that credit without adding a line. After a few minutes on hold, he came back on line and told me he could perform the upgrade without adding the new line. It was to good to be true and I had asked him repeatedly if he was sure he could perform the transaction without the new line and he reassured me that he could. So I went for it. He then scheduled me to pick up the new phone two days later from my local Verizon store as it had to be shipped there. Two days later when I received the email confirming my new 11 was waiting for me at the store and I went to pick it up. The store rep pulled my order and indicated there was a new phone number attached to the order. I told him he must be mistaken as I emphasized to the service tech who placed the order that I did not want to add a new line and was only upgrading my existing phone. He told me no problem and cancelled the order for the new line. I asked him if I would still be getting the $850 credit promised to me and confirmed that I would and will receive it on my next bill. When I asked him how I’m to get my old phone to Verizon for the trade in, he told me a rebate rep would be in contact with me to make arrangements to send a Postage paid shipping container. A week went by and no one ever contacted me. 

I called Verizon again was told I was incorrect on the rebate amount and that I was only entitled to a $273 dollar rebate. I then explained to this rep the conversation I had with the first rep Brian who sold me the iPhone 11. She then put me on hold and told me she found the recording of the conversation and would forward it up to be investigated and once done, I would receive a call back.

Well as expected, two weeks passed and no call was ever received. So once again I was forced to call back to get the status of this matter. This rep Venus put me on hold while she reviewed all documentation regarding this matter and when she returned, apologized and told me that the rep Brian provided incorrect information and I was only entitled to a $273 rebate. I declined that offer and requested I speak with a supervisor.

i then spoke to Omar who is a lead person in the rebate program and he to had reemphasized the fact that I was given the wrong info from Brian and that I was not going to get the $850 rebate credit. 

This is no way to treat a long time customer and I feel Verizon Should honor the $850 rebate as they well know their rep miss informed me and it was proven by the recording of the initial call.

Verizon leaves me no choice bu to seek legal counsel to investigate this fraudulent matter. The proof is in the recording. 

Re: PUBLIC BEWARE: Verizon Reps lie to you on upgrades!!!
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Sounds more like a sales rep instead of tech. Store rep also being shady is unsurprising.

The 11 goes for $699 so a promo trade in would go for that amount, not $850. The iPhone X wouldn't be worth that much at market value anyway.

"Rebate rep", that's not really a thing. Verizon will never contact randomly since their call volume is too high for it to make any business sense.

Recorded calls are not something a CS rep would have access to. That's for quality assurance and their supervisor at that specific center..this keeps getting worst.

Unfortunately, if you weren't entitled to a $850 credit, a supervisor isn't going to change that. Verizon had great coverage in my area, but I buy my phones unlocked and never deal with sales reps for good reason.

Re: PUBLIC BEWARE: Verizon Reps lie to you on upgrades!!!

They lied to us to get us onto the unlimited plan. We were told on 2 different calls that if we went to unlimited we would have a price of X which included a $25 loyalty discount. After signing up and not receiving the discount, it took 2 phone calls for someone to finally admit that this loyalty discount did not exist. My senses told me going to unlimited at a cheaper price was too good to be true. But I fell for it, unfortunately. And they refused to put us back on our old plan with the "extra" data that we had signed up for around christmas about 4 years prior.

That constitutes outright FRAUD, which is why we are moving to T-mobile once the latest phone is paid off.