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Am copying my post from Facebook:

I have been trying to speak to someone in relation to a payment arrangement since Thursday, December 16 and have to deal with the automated system from the Twilight Zone.
I have to repeatedly say that I want an agent just to be put on a crazy long wait and then wind up getting disconnected. At one point, on the 18th, I got a callback and spoke to a great representative named Hilary, however for my issue she had to get me over to escalations and I spoke to a supervisor, Dan. That's when it all went downhill again.
I related to him that first I wanted to finally get resolution regarding a terrible experience I had last year with an Executive Relations representative by the name of Arielle. I had even filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about her and also found a couple of complaints others had lodged against her. That poor excuse of a human/executive relations representative somehow made sure that no one else would/could handle my complaint and issue. I could not continue to pursue the problem involving her as I was (and still am) dealing with my husband's cancer battle.
I do plan on making sure that my interaction with her finally does get acknowledged once and for all before this year closes out, though.
Anyways, back to Saturday...
I never got my payment arrangement issue taken care of with Dan. When I asked him if Verizon had any policies in place to assist those who have experienced a health crisis, he said, yes - temporary suspension of service (?) After some discussion, he advised me that he could not help me and referred me to Financial Services, but gave me the wrong hours for them. Of course they were closed. I tried again Sunday late afternoon, but again they were closed.
Mind you, I had 1st tried to reach them before the payment arrangement was due, which was the 17th.

You know, Verizon used to have such great customer service until about 2017.
I don't know what has transpired, but for the past few years I've been dreading and cringing at the thought of having to contact Verizon.
Unfortunately, due to my husband's health crises, I've had to call them quite a few times.
I also find that I'm treated as a pariah, a criminal, as I've been put on a "cash only" basis for changing my payment arrangements multiple times (my husband has had some emergency hospital admissions as well as surgery). Mind you, I have paid $1,394.94 to Verizon between September 6, 2021 and December 10, 2021.

I just want to know is it now impossible to get a help from someone who cares?

Could someone please reach out to me and help me get my account resolved?

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