Pending order error
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I had placed an order through Best Buy for a iPhone 12 and I paid the fees and everything buy then Best Buy says it failed pre-activation, whatever thatt means, anyways, the order was canceled and now

i try to upgrade the phone through Verizon to avoid any errors and it won’t let me add the phone to my cart it gives me the pending order error, I’ve been dealing with this since the pre order of the iPhone 12 line, and nobody via chat, phone or anything can help me, I’ve been able to upgrade my line and 2 others on the account just this one line is giving me the error. Any ideas? No plan changes have happened, all I tried to do was upgrade through Best Buy because I wanted to use my Best Buy credit card. Please help me.

Re: Pending order error
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It is important that you are able order your device. We are sending a private message.