Pending order in the system
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I ordered a new iPhone 12 Pro Max through Verizon website as I was eligible for upgrade and also added a line to my account and selected same day Local Pickup. My order got cancelled and now I am not able to put in a new order as its states there is a pending order. I called in multiple times , got connected once and call got disconnected while we were speaking and was on hold for over an hour on my second instance with no luck. I chatted with an agent on the chat session and they mentioned they cant do anything over chat and suggested to call customer care. This is really frustrating, just to upgrade a phone and add a new line I have to go through so many hurdles with no solution. Please suggest how can this issue be resolved so that I can put in a new order.

Re: Pending order in the system
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I had success today calling the Online Order Team (866) 338-7390.  I found this suggestion in another post. Ask them to go in and CLOSE the order. Your order may have been cancelled but not closed so the pending order will sit there forever until they do that one step (and you have to get the right person on the phone who knows this is the problem).

The wait time for an agent was about 30 minutes, but the issue was resolved within 10 minutes and they restored my upgrade right away.  Chat and the Customer Care reps are not able to fix this.



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