Phone overages and covid taking my business
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Hi. This is my first time on here, or even hearing about it, so I feel kind of weird, especially considering what I'm about to talk about. I was a single struggling mother for years, but I was finally doing well, with a healthy savings and checking and everything, until a couple of months after covid eating everything , including my business that was thriving. The other day my phone bill was over three times what it should be, and I actually had two bills for the month of December, but just yesterday someone was able to figure that part out, however it's still pretty high, and I had to go to the hospital for a little while a couple of months ago, and my plan was cut off, so they are now so quick to cut me off, and they did it again the other day. For one, someone was offering to take off the two line reconnection fees plus some, which equaled up to $65, for some reason, and I definitely would not complain about that, but we got disconnected and they did not try to contact me back, and I have had trouble trying to get anyone else to understand that. They keep saying that if I had registered for the coronavirus protection thing they're offering to some,  that I would be okay, but I would have to have registered by the end of June. I was not struggling then. I was still doing okay, and I knew nothing of this, and the first time I heard of it was the other day. I've asked them to take that $65 off, I've asked them to please enroll me in that Protection Program, and now I'm looking at the business discount, and I am considering applying for it, but I don't know if I will get it. Does anyone have any advice or similar situation? I'm sorry this is so long and rambling, but I have not struggled like this in so long! Thanks for any help!