Phone returned during Covid = problems

Ordered the Galaxy Note 10 in April. Turned it on, didnt like it, put it back in box and attempted to return it at Verizon store. Covid was still new and employees turned me away at door. They told me to call customer service. My family was having issues and fears due to pandemic, but finally called customer service March 6. They sent me a return label. 

Gave to my husband to drop at UPS. Called a few weeks later to check on status so could follow up with credit, etc. They hadn't recieved it. After some chaotic searching and grilling my husband, we found it in the trunk of his car. He had forgotten about it.

Called customer service again, not sure if it was too late late. He informed me to send it in right away and get a receipt and I should be fine.

Did all that. Waited about a week, still no credit, another bill has processed, another month of services (even though cancelled line, too).

Called at least 4x that month...oh your credit is on its way,  wait 72 hours, yeah wer got the phone but it's past the return period,  telling the story over and over again.  That was May.

June. Same thing. Except one person, who dared to think outside the box, realized the uncharted territory we are in with Covid, the return policy extension, now some repayment plan that I never signed up for.

July. Same thing.

Reading the similar horror stories during non-pandemic times has me pessimistic.

Oh, and my phone I use, note8 was just paid off.

I'm looking elsewhere. Oh and I have never even once been late in paying my bill.


Re: Phone returned during Covid = problems
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Standard return period is 14 days, 30 for covid 19 if order fell within their extended return period. As long as you fell within that time frame and the warehouse had a confirmed return, you"ll be fine.