Phone saying I have 4G service but no data is being transfered
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I moved to Colorado a in May of 2019. When I moved I noticed my phone had this issue with it saying it has 3-4 bars of LTE with none of my apps working, including iMessage. I went to a Verizon store 7 times trying to fix this issue with only one salesman believing me. My fiance and co-workers are all having this issues randomly for those who have Verizon. This tells me that it isn't a phone issues as iPhones of different models and androids of different models are having the same exact issue. These are the things I've tried...

-New SIM card. I know moving to different states can mess with connection and getting a fresh SIM card can alleviate this. Did not work.

-Submitted a technical ticket with the one salesman who believed me. He put his phone next to mine, both Verizon with the same plan. His loaded a web page in about 2 seconds, mine spent about 3 to 5 minutes trying to connect and said "no internet connection" with service being displayed in the corner. Nothing ever became of the ticket and I got a message saying issue was resolved. I was still having issues. 

-I went to a Verizon store again. The salesman didn't believe me and said that it was my phone and that "I was an blockhead for not getting insurance" when I assured him after multiple troubleshooting issues that the only logical thing could be the Verizon service. I was accused of lying about the anecdotal evidence from my co-workers experiencing the same thing. Also, he mentioned that my data was slowed down because I was on the lower tier unlimited plan. To which I replied that slow doesn't mean no service. 


-Finally I was so fed up with the issue and so sure that it has to do with network and not phones I went and purchased an iPhone 11 pro. I split from my parents plan, got a new SIM card upgraded to a higher tier unlimited plan and even got the newest iPhone available at the time of this writing. I sit here today unable to use my phone for a majority of the day now. If anything getting the new phone made the issue worse. 


I understand that there isn't service everywhere, but I'm here in the suburbs of Denver with my phone saying I have full service and nothing is working. I cleared my data measurements when this happened and over the course of an hour of me trying to connect to something it said I used 100 KB of data. That is 0.1 MB per hour. 


This has even impacted on an emergency when I was stuck in the mountains with "Service" and no way to contact anyone. I had to walk a mile through snow to get to the road to ask someone for help. 


Please, I beg you, I spent all of this money on a new phone a better line and nothing to come of it. I've been accused of lying about the situation. Nothing has concluded this situation. It's been a year now with now solutions. I just want someone to believe me.

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Re: Phone saying I have 4G service but no data is being transfered
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We want you to have the best signal possible, and we are here to help. A Private Note will be sent, so we can help you further. BrittanyC_VZW

Re: Phone saying I have 4G service but no data is being transfered
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Unfortunately, I am under the same situation I changed to new SIM switched SIM between Pixel 2 and Iphone 11 and I can call and text but 0 data even though my account has 15GB available and someone who lives with me under same plan has data I have no data at home or out in the city.

Re: Phone saying I have 4G service but no data is being transfered
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