Phone shows 4G icon with full bars but no data connection

I'm  on a pre-paid plan with an unlocked Samsung Note20 5G. My service has been working fine for the past year without any issues. But all of a sudden, I have no data connection despite the 4G icon and full bars showing in my phone's notification bar. I can receive calls and texts without any issues. WiFi connection also works fine. I've gone to my local Verizon store to swap out the SIM card and it's still the same issue. I've tried airplane mode on/off, wifi on/off, power on/off, and network setting reset. I've gone the final route and did a factory reset on my phone. None of these have worked.

Looks like there was a thread from a few years back from someone who had the exact same issue as mine but there was no solution posted.

I've also tried inserting my current SIM into an old Samsung Note8 that I had and it's having the same issue so I know it's not a problem with the phone itself.

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Hi there! WE know this must be frustrating. We are here to help you! For further assistance go ahead and PM us! 🙂 *Nicki