Phone trade in scam
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Back in March Verizon was offering a really good deal on iPhone trade ins.  My wife had a iPhone 6 plus and son had an iPhone 7.  They were offering 24.17 per month trade in credit towards an iPhone 12. Sounded like a great deal for us.  We got the new phones and got the boxes to be used for sending the old phones back in. Both phones were in good working condition with no cracks or any major issues and sent them in via UPS.  3 months later there is still no credit.  After speaking to several reps on chat and being disconnected finally spoke with someone today.  They said that both phones they received were damaged. THEY WERE NOT DAMAGED WHEN I SENT THEM IN!  I am supposed to be receiving pictures of this damage, but really don't care. If anything happened to these phones it was during shipping. I am extremely unhappy about this. I have been a 10 year customer of verizon with no issues and have always thought the customer service was good up until today!  The Cust service rep was very smug about the whole issue.  I am thinking of filing a complaint with the better business bureau and switching carriers.  Be very careful if you're considering using the trade in program!

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Unbelievable how HORRIBLE Verizon Sales, Service, Systems & Support ALL have become!!  Might as well look into one of the $20/month cheapo providers as Verizon has massive self-inflicted wounds that are making it impossible to trust them or do business w/them.  I can be treated like dirt for a whole lot less money elsewhere.  Shame

Re: Phone trade in scam
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Buddyroe1, good afternoon! We'd be so sad to see you leave the Verizon Wireless family. We want to make sure that you have the support that you need with world-class customer service. Please provide me with some details as to what you're experiencing currently? Keep us posted. 

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If someone were to receive a used phone and it's damaged, they have no way to prove it wasn't sent in that condition. A stranger thousands of miles away at a Verizon call center has nothing to do with USPS shipping, neither does the warehouse worker who opened the box. 

If you sent phones in good condition and they arrived damage, complain to the shipper not the recipients.

People lie all the time to get credits, refunds, merchandise that a business cannot simply take someone's word on anything.

Re: Phone trade in fraud?

Hi Jeff,

I am experiencing the same problem with my recent trade ins. Yesterday I received an email from Verizon see below. They said they didn't receive my device but I have the tracking saying it was delivered in September well before the deadline. A Verizon chat got me to the them suggesting I call the direct trade in team at 800-416-8894 where "they would fix it right away: I have been on hold for 42 minutes and counting. I am extremely disappointed in the process and the inability to talk to a real person. I have been a loyal Verizon customer for 15 years and their customer service has declined tremendously. Customer beware, I would not recommended falling for this trade in fraud. I'm sorry that I did! I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau right after I file a claim through UPS.

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Re: Phone trade in fraud?
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Please file a complaint with the fcc