Phone won’t receive calls.


as a returning customer to Verizon I have to say that I’m very disappointed the way customer service (phone and chat) has unsuccessfully resolve my issue. 
first of all, they forgot to mail the SIM card, had to go to a store to get one to start using the services. Three days later I found out that the phone wasn’t receiving phone calls at all, two days later after unsuccessfully trying to get help from customer support I’m now here begging users to help to get my phone to work. Perhaps Verizon will get the hint and solve. Any ways, has anyone had a similar issue? If so please share any tips to get me back in business, any help is better than being ignored by Verizon. 


Re: Phone won’t receive calls.
Customer Service Rep

This is certainly not the experience we would want any customer to have. I know I would be frustrated having gone through your same experience and still not have a working phone. Let's work on turning this experience around. What happens when someone tries to call your phone? What happens if you try to make a phone call? Any issues with texting or data? JosephE_VZW