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So my wife and I have been customers for 5 years now, we’ve kept our same phones for that long. Just recently we upgraded, she upgraded hers on the app no problem a few months ago and a few days ago we added my moms and upgraded my phone and got an iPad for my grandmother. They said they needed to prove it was me so I sent in pictures of my license and a tax document as it did not specify what kind of document and that had everything they needed to verify. Thought we were okay and then the order said pending so I called Verizon to see what was going on they basically told me I wasn’t me and they could not answer any of my questions, fine whatever. The next day we wake up to all of our phone lines suspended so we go to Verizon spend over an hour on the phone with the fraud department they were able to verify us but couldn’t turn our phones on or do anything till they could get ahold of their supervisor, great we thought we were getting somewhere! They said to call back in an hour we asked if it mattered what phone we called on she said no, we had to go back to the house as I take care of my mother and grandmother and can’t wait at Verizon all day. So my wife calls back and goes through all the questions and sits on the phone for an hour just for the lady to tell her that she can’t verify her because she wasn’t able to go through the text verification they send you because THEY SHUT OUR PHONES OFF! At this point were starting to get irritated because my mom and I absolutely need our phones on. So we hang up go back to the store spend another hour and a half on the phone with the fraud department they were able to verify my wife again but they were only able to turn my wifes phone on not my moms or mine till the order on our account was investigated which is dumb because she told them that we did it. So an hour later we get a notification saying the order went through so we tried to turn our phones back on through the app and it will not let us. This is absolutely crazy. Don’t know if I will be upgrading again after this. Phones still aren’t turned on 2 days later. 

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Masontaylor1, we appreciate your loyalty over the last 5 years and I'm sorry to hear you and your wife had to spend so much time on your upgrades. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Note.