Please Help - Verizon Stole $500 from me and won't give it back or let me talk to a supervisor
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Back in mid July I had paid off half my phone, and they sent me an offer that I could upgrade to a new iPhone if I returned mine.  So I took them up on it.  New phone got there a couple of days later with the required return materials for my old phone.  I took it to the UPS Store, they packaged it up, gave me a receipt, I took a picture of the package and the shipping label and left it with them.

Verizon sent me a message saying that night that UPS had the package.  Two days later they send me a message saying they didn't have my phone.  Then they called and left a message saying they didn't have my phone.  I checked tracking, it said it was delivered to the Ft. Worth return facility.  I called Verizon, they said this is common, don't worry.   Another week, a charge pops up on my upcoming bill for the missing phone.  I call Verizon, they said don't worry, it'll be fine.

Over the next month, I probably called 6 times to follow up because the charge was still on my bill for $500 and I'm on autopay, they finally said they'd open a ticket I'd get a call back in 7-10 days.  I asked to speak to a supervisor, they said one would call me within 48 hours.   No one ever called back.  A week or so ago, I called again, they said they couldn't find a charge, problem must be solved.  Then yesterday my autopay hit and they took out an extra $500.


I called today, and they said they'd have to open a ticket, and if they find the phone I'd get a statement credit for the $500 and someone would call me.  I asked for a supervisor, they said someone would call in 48 hours.


I need that money to eat, they keep kicking the can down the road, it's been 6 weeks and they can't give me a straight answer, they can't let me talk to a supervisor, they keep saying it's not their fault they can't find it, I'm still responsible. 


I'm already at the FAA Complain, BBB Complaint and possibly bank chargeback point simply because no one at Verizon seems to be willing to do ANYTHING to help after I've spent HOURS on the phone with them over this.  They just blame me and say 7-10 days over and over and nothing happens.


What should I do?  Who can I contact to finally get this done.  This is literal THEFT. 


Ugh.  I've been a customer for years, my whole family is on this plan, we pay hundreds a month all told, and I'm at my wits end and about to start looking for other carriers.

Re: Please Help - Verizon Stole $500 from me and won't give it back or let me talk to a supervisor
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desperateforhelp, your wireless experts are here to assist. I know that this has been a long ordeal for you and that was truly not our intention. Let's see what we can find out for you today. Please be on the look out for a Private Note from us.