Poor Camp Pendleton Coverage

However, I do feel that this needs to be addressed. I feel that many Verizon customers in Camp Pendleton have the same issue as me and to make a long story short. I am hoping that Verizon will side with me and allow me to discontinue service without the hefty termination fee. To aid them and anyone else that thinks maybe their phone is no good or its just bad luck, take a look at this website link and also the photo that I have attached. Maybe this will help. Can someone please tell me, am I wrong to feel that I deserve to not pay a termination fee?


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The map you have linked to doesn't mean a whole lot. Have you tried mapping the location and uploading it to opensignal? That is where this data comes from. Individual users have the app loaded onto their phone and they map the area after which they upload the data to opensignal.

Having no coverage on an opensignal map doesn't necessarily mean no coverage. It could just as easily mean that no opensignal app users have not been in that area to provide data for the coverage map.

If you notice, the majority of the coverage on that map is along the interstate and immediately surrounding it.That is because there is likely to be a lot of opensignal app users travelling along that corridor with few of them venturing off the road into the surrounding countryside.

The area you are interested in is a low density population area so it is unlikely opensignal would get many people actually providing data to populate their map.

Possibly if you were to use the app on your phone to map the area you would get a better idea of the signal quality in the area.


To show an example of what I mean, I am providing a map from a similar mapping company, Sensorly.com.

The area in question is  a route I routinely take. Notice the 4G signal right along the road and it comes to a stop after travelling to the left and right of the road coming up from the bottom of the photo. Does that mean the 4G signal ends at those points??? No, it does not. It simply means I haven't provided data further down those roads and no one else has either.

Notice on the left of the photo where the signal roams further off the road than in any other area. Does that mean the signal is further away from the road than anywhere else on the road??? No, it simply means that is where a driveway I have driven down is located.