Poor Cell Coverage in New Development

This is in regard to the Del Webb at Traditions development on the east side of Wake Forest, NC. After 5 years of development it has reached its final size of about 500 homes. Unfortunately, in several parts of the development there is little or no Verizon cell phone signal. I am among the many residents who depend on Wi-Fi calling or network extenders while inside our homes, but have unusable coverage outside or in a neighbor's home. Even worse, our home security systems depend on their built-in cellular modems, and we often get alarms due to communications failures caused by the poor Verizon signal.

I am a member of a community "Technology Help" volunteer group and Verizon signal strength is a major issue for help requests from the residents.

Is there some way to get the attention of Verizon to this fast growing area of Wake Forest that has been overlooked by Verizon?