Poor Cell service and Data

We are getting very poor cellular service over the last three to four weeks in Keene Texas.  We have gone from getting 2-3 bars of LTE service to one bar of non LTE.  Data service has been spotty as well as voice quality when we are talking on the phone.  It happens no matter if we are inside the house or outside as well as decent distance from our residence.  Speaking with multiple other people in the area they have been experiencing the same.  We have been with Verizon since the early 90s and have never experienced poor service like this before.

Re: Poor Cell service and Data
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It is because of your network priority. Verizon recently added "Premium Network Access" to its more expensive plans. The rest of us who do not have the most expensive plans are lowest priority. Check it out on Verizon's own website https://www.verizon.com/plans/unlimited/.  Under plan features it will tell you whether you have premium access or not. It seems like all of a sudden those of us who do not have premium access ended up with worse service than we had before.