Poor Cellular Signal

I live in an area of zip code 15317 and beginning a little over a week ago, many of the Verizon wireless users cannot connect calls, calls are dropping and signal is terribly low (108 decibels).  I have contacted several other users to confirm that we are all having the same issue, and I've contacted Verizon via chat and was told there are no issues in our zip code.  There is definitely an issue in this zip code and since we are all working remotely, this is becoming a serious issue.  Please help!

Re: Poor Cellular Signal
Customer Service Rep

Hello Roxinator, 


We always want you to have the best wireless experience. I'm here to help you, and I would like to gather some additional information. We can complete some troubleshooting and complete a ticket, it needed. I will need to access your account, so I will also send you a Private Note. Thank you for reaching out so we can help you.