Poor Coverage in Petersburg, VA

My office coverage is practically non-existant in my office in Petersburg VA 23884. I stand in the parking lot and have one to two bars of signal in the parking lot. i realize not all tower I see are Verizon towers, but there is a tower just down from my parking lot so I'm assuming someone else has better coverage here? I cannot use my phone sitting inside at my desk, and when I walk outside I can get messages but cannot use data at all. This is not a small city and it shows as blanket coverage here and I can barely use the phone. The entire office complains, so it's not just me. Is someone going to fix the coverage in Peterburg VA?

Re: Poor Coverage in Petersburg, VA
Customer Service Rep

I understand looking to get the best service at all locations, bksutton. I do not see any reports for this location. I can help you find the best service while indoors. While providers across the U.S. are not able to fully guarantee services indoors, we still plenty of options to get you the best service and network available. What kind of phone do you have? Do you have roaming active? Do you have the same issues with roaming off and on? You can also try your Wi-Fi calling. This feature is great to keep you connected in any location with Wi-Fi where signal may not be the best.