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We have been dealing with poor coverage and constant "No Service" messages for over a year now.  We do not live in a rural area- we are in a suburb of a city.   At my house I have to use Wifi calling - and even then it is not unusual for calls to be dropped and text messages coming back Not Delivered.  When I leave the house I almost always have to turn Airplane mode on then off to get the phone to search for the network.  
I've had the sim card changed out- no difference.  It is not my phone (iPHone) because my daughter has the same issue with her new Samsung.  People in the neighborhood have the same issue.  It is obviously a Verizon network problem, not everyone's phones.
We pay way too much monthly (approx $200 for phones and another $80 for internet) for this to be acceptable.  

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Hey kelmap, I know just how frustrated I would be if I were dealing with similar coverage issues for over a year. I'm glad you were able to find Wi-Fi calling, thought it is odd that calls are still having issues over Wi-Fi. We definitely want to help find a solution that works, as we cannot guarantee coverage indoors. Please be on the lookout for a private note from us so we can better assist.