Poor Customer Service / Unresolved Issue

Today I spent more than 7 hours on the phone with Verizon tech support. I went online and correctly filled out the information to port my number from Total Wireless to Verizon pre paid. I paid by credit card and received conformation via email on June 21st 2020. On June 22nd I received conformation that my number had ported successfully but I still had no service on my phone. I called Verizon and they informed me that Total Wireless had not yet released my number and that It would be released at midnight on June 23rd. 

This brings me to today. I made my first call at 12pm and spent over an hour on hold to be told that the reason my number didn't port was because Verizon changed their plans before my number ported and that they were working to resolve the issue. That tech ended up hanging up on me or dropping the call on the unreliable verizon network.

Made another call and I painfully went through all the explanation again, waited on hold for more hours. Call was hung up or dropped by the unreliable verizon network.

I went through this process multiple times until I finally spoke with "David" in Tech support. He informed me that he couldn't understand why, but somehow Spectrum had my telephone number. He was attempting to call them with me on the line when he either hung up or the call was dropped by verizon's unreliable network. At this point it was nearly 8pm at night. I went for a short walk to cool off and tried again. I was greeted by a machine that said Verizon was closed. I still don't have my number, Total Wireless said that the number was ported out by Verizon, David informed me that he couldn't understand what happend. Can I please get my number ported? Can I please get someone who will not hang up on me, or at least call me back if the call is dropped by your unreliable network?

Re: Poor Customer Service / Unresolved Issue
Customer Service Rep

paraguy I'm so sorry to learn of your experience, especially trying to join us. I see the previous rep attempted to get you over to our Prepaid Team but the are not available at this time. Here is the number for our Prepaid Team if you would like to call in the morning (8AM CST) 888.294.6804. If you need our Port Center, that number is 888-844-7095. DoloresK_VZW