Poor Data Service in Northern Arizona
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The data service in the Williams, AZ area (zip code 86046) has significantly degraded over the past 24 months.  I used to be able to work on a hotspot from our summer home just south of town with great results.  Now the service is basically unusable.  Can't even send a text message with a small picture file attachment.  Email and Google searches are painful.  Friends with AT&T seem to have few problems.  Anecdotally, I understand the service in Flagstaff is almost as bad.  Strangely, I've been told the service in rural Bellemont, which is between Williams and Flagstaff, is very good and friends are able to work from their RVs there in the forest.  I request that this issue be elevated to your management with a request to upgrade your system.  Otherwise, some of us will have no choice but to change carriers. I would be happy to have a conversation with responsible individuals to describe specifics if it will facilitate improvements.  Let me know how to contact a human versus your automated help line.  Thank you.

Re: Poor Data Service in Northern Arizona
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Hello Azonie28, 


We always want you to have the best experience with your services. We can definitely review your location, and provide you with a resolution. I checked the zip code you provided, and I see that there are parts of 86046 where no coverage is available. I would like to pinpoint your location and gather some more details, so we can provide you with the answers you're looking for.  So we can continue, I will also send you a Private Note.