Poor Reception in Metropolitan area.
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Today I Discovered that my reception at home (in Warren, Michigan 48091) is as bad as it is in Rural Mid Michigan (Lake, Michigan 48632).

Today My Xfinity serves are out (outage started 4am 3-16-2023) and I have no TV, DVR service and Internet.  This is how I discovered how bad my Verizon Wireless service is.  Yesterday (3-16-2023) I tried to use my phone hotspot for my internet for my home computer and I discovered that my data on my S21 5G Ultra Wideband phone was 4G and not very reliable.  I could not access many web pages because of security protocol errors and when I could access some web pages they were slow to load and small videos were not loading or would not play smoothly.  This is the same quality I get at my property in the woods.  I am 15 - 20 miles from a bigger town along the highway and 25-30 miles from a larger city (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan).  As for Phone calls, I usually don't have a problem with receiving or placing calls from my vacation property I did have a dropped call today at my home in the BIG City.  


When or how is Verizon going to address this issue?  this poor signal situation is not new and a booster plugged into the internet would not have worked for me  because of no internet and WI-FI calling is not an option when the same internet is not working.

Re: Poor Reception in Metropolitan area.
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This is not the experience we want for our customers, Brian002. Please send us a Private Note, so we can look further into this service issue with you.