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I am beyond frustrated. My phone keeps dropping and going to SOS. My entire family, uses Verizon we are all having the same issue.  This happens no matter where I am. It’s very inconvenient because I use my phone for work and calls often drop when I am with important clients. It takes several minutes for me to get rid of the SOS and reconnect to my call. I work for a large tech company. Whenever I resume the call I always tell customers that this is a Verizon issue. I anticipate Verizon losing quite a bit of business iIf this is not resolved soon. I have searched this topic on the Verizon message board and tried all of the troubleshooting steps mentioned. This problem is happening multiple times daily Sometimes as often as 10 times!! . As I look at the message board I don’t see any alternatives or resolution from Verizon. There are multiple responses from Verizon telling customers they will send him a private message. This is not helpful or efficient for others who are having the same problem and are looking for a way to fix this. My next step is to take my family to AT&T. I have numerous friends who have AT&T and none of them are experiencing the SOS problem.

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SOS when we should have signal, phone is used for business and tracking, having major issues.  need resolved ASAP.

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I know how upset I would be if my phone were going into SOS mode multiple times a day, Rsjohnson27. I also rely on my phone for the same reasons as yourself. To add some clarity, we take customers into a private note so that we can gather some more specific details that we would want to shield from a public platform. The last thing we would want to do is see you leave us for another provider. Please be on the lookout for a private note from us so we can better assist.