Poor Service in south Lake County FL

I've had poor coverage issues in Lake County, FL for several years and it's gotten to the point where I am using T-Mobile's option to try out their network for 3 months for free.  I've called several times about it and I'm always told there are no issues.

And it's not that I have no signal - I have signal! With my iPhone 14 Pro on 5G (and I've tried LTE). It's just... nothing happens. Nothing loads. Speed tests at < 1mbps. It's not my phone (always the favorite first troubleshooting step by reps) because it happens to my wife's as well. And the service issue is always in the same areas - when I leave those, it works fine, even up to 5G UWB!

It actually used to be like this in another spot nearby, but then one day someone turned on the 5G UWB switch and it's been great. So when are these other areas going to get fixed?

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Customer Service Rep

Thanks for reaching out and with such detail. Our 5G midband continues to be deployed.  We can definately look at specific address for current coverage.  There are factors that impact signal as well. Factors That Impact Wireless Signal:  https://www.verizon.com/support/troubleshooting-wireless-signal-coverage-video/  We are sending a Private Note for you to reply to do get more details for you account specifically.