Poor Service with full cell bars all along River Road in Eugene OR

Not sure where to post or find a way to report this. But in Eugene, OR, along River Road while is about a 6 mile stretch, the Verizon Cell service is poor. Granted you will show just about Full bars driving around but when trying to use the internet it is slow or just stops. If you go to the Dutch Brother on 2700 River Road, it is almost a dead zone, yet your phone shows full bars. 

Now the curious thing is, people who have switch to XFinity Cell service, which piggy backs on the Verizon Cell towers, their service is fine. They can use the internet with almost no problems.

Making phone calls works fine, this is mostly using data. I wasn't sure if there was a way to report this and I know a ton of people who have the same issue and once you drive past river road just about any direction, data service improves greatly. 

So I'm just trying to find a way to report this in hopes it might be fixed or improved someday or maybe people searching for the same thing can build from this with again, hoping for improvements in the future. Thank you for your time!

Re: Poor Service with full cell bars all along River Road in Eugene OR
Customer Service Rep


Please send us a Private Note, so that we may help you find a resolution. We never want our customers to go without.