Poor Service
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I switched from T-Mobile to Verizon in hopes of getting better cell service and coverage and so far I am regretting my decision. I don't know what is going on but majority of the places I go I have service so poor that if I'm not on wifi my phone is basically useless. At home my phone is useless unless I am connected to my wifi network, at work my phone is useless unless I'm connected to the wifi network. On the drive home it has happened multiple times that I am unable to get any service to load the GPS for directions and have no choice but to just keep going straight until I'm able to pick up a faint signal and set my route. I have attempted to contact customer support multiple times and all they do is the basic layer 1 troubleshooting and then escalate to tier 2 who always say the same thing, "your area is not marked as a poor service area, the system shows good coverage and nothing we can do". I am starting to get fed up with this, I am paying more for Verizon service and getting worse coverage than I was with T-mobile who cost significantly less, can something please be done to improve my coverage/service, if not I will have no choice but to switch over to another carrier that provides a service I can actually use.  

Re: Poor Service
Customer Service Rep

The last thing we would want is for you to have to leave the Verizon family, Arojas104. We would appreciate the chance to look into the details further. We have sent a private note to you so we can continue our discussion there. -George