Poor Signal Greenville, Texas 75402


Your signal in the vicinity of Dogwood Dr, Greenville, TX 75402 is terrible.  We are less than 1 mile from your tower that sits next to I-30. We are also 200yds from one of our city fire stations. There has been a building boom in this area for several years with 1000’s of homes in the nearby area. Again, this is not out in the country, we’re in the city close to the I-30 and HWY 69. My entire neighborhood when you’re OUTSIDE  will have at best 1 bar (this is everyone, it doesn’t matter what phone you have). We drop calls everyday all day. When you’re at the fire station you’ll have 3 bars and decent service, walk 50yds out the back door of the station and you get 1 bar, forget about any sort of reliable service. Verizon, can you hear me now? This is not a device issue, it’s not just my family, it’s the entire area. Verizon please help.

Re: Poor Signal Greenville, Texas 75402
Customer Service Rep

We always strive to provide you with the service you need. Are you only having issues with dropped calls? When did this first start happening? Were any changes made to your surrounding area when this first started?