Poor Verizion Coverage (Summerville, SC 29485)

I just moved to a new neighborhood with 800-1000 homes (8000 planned) and my Verizon coverage is terrible. Calls drop and texts do not go through inside the house or in the neighborhood.  Talking to the neighbors this is a known issue throughout the neighborhood. Many of my neighbors have started switching to T-Mobile.  I've been a been a Verizon customer for many years and I would prefer to stay with Verizon.  However, it's become a safety issue when we are walking or using the neighborhood amenities and I may be forced to change cell providers.


What can I do to get someone at Verizon to address this issue? If there is a tower expansion plan for this area (contact for address), can Verizon put in place a temporary service solution, like a COW (Cell on Wheels) until the expansion is complete?