Poor Verizon Customer Service

I scheduled payment to be taken out of my checking by Verizon;  I discovered the very day Verizon was to process my payment.....I get this message via text messages:  

Verizon Msg: Your $xxx.xx  payment scheduled for 05/16/2024 has been canceled since a payment was already made. For balance, dial # 

I thought I had forgotten that I had paid it but 3-4 days later Verizon interrupts my service cutting off my phone .....so I decided to speak with Financial services but I was not allowed to speak to anyone except CHAT .....I expressed over & over exact amount I wanted to pay so when I hit submit it was double the amount of dollars .....I stated I need to cancel & redo my payment and was told NO you will have contact your bank; I said but you screwed it up my payment and now you won't even connect me to Financial services to fix it!!!!!   So VERIZON cancels my scheduled payment refuses to allow me to speak financial services and refuses to delete payment amount made in error ......so this how Verizon treats their customers of none years. ....oh and VERIZON also charged me $10 to speak to Financial services Im immediately looking for new cell service  carrier .......VERIZON the worst 



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