Poor coverage and degrading over time
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Verizon data and voice service at Joint base Lewis McChord WA (Specifically McChord AFB for me) has progressively gotten worse over the last couple of years to the point it is un-useable for data and almost as bad for voice/text. Literally can see Interstate 5 from my office building but unable to get a signal and can almost see to the nearest verizon tower.  I seriously do not want to change carriers after all these years, but need to have reliable service.  Somehow the competitors have figured this out.  Any suggestions on how to get this problem fixed?  

Re: Poor coverage and degrading over time
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Have you had an opportunity for chat assistance to commiserate with you? They are often sad, disappointed, perplexed, unsure, anxious to pinpoint the issue, ready to escalate, will move heaven and earth to get the Leadership Team involved. It's quite an impressive display.

You still won't be able to get reliable service. Thanks for playing!

Re: Poor coverage and degrading over time
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Hi, how are you this afternoon? I'd love to help you with this service issue today, so please send me a Private Note so that we can work kon this in private, okay? Stephannie