Poor coverage as long as I can recall in my area- zip code 70503

I live in the middle of Lafayette, Louisiana next to the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Oschner Lafayette General Medical Center, basically the hub of my city...For as long as I can recall, my service at home and some other parts of the city is very unreliable.  I just recently moved to my house within the past month (1 mile away). I had the same issue at my last home- 1 to no bars of a signal..

Now my signal is 1-2 bars inside and outside...it gets bad in certain parts of town which is the general consensus of many people I know with Verizon as their carrier...It seems to just get worse as time goes on, which is the reason for me reaching out today.  I work in sales and work off my laptop often on a hotspot.  That's becoming more and more of a problem lately because coverage continues to decline.  I have troubleshooted multiple times over the past few days, mainly with Apple because I thought maybe it might be the phone...iPhone 11 Pro- It is not the phone.  I just spent over an hour trying to get any coverage information from the online rep on the chat- I troubleshooted with her and still the same issue...I asked her to please find out any information regarding the coverage problems in my area (towers etc) because a lot of people I know are wondering the same.  after a long chat....I lost the rep (she did send me a text, which I replied to..but the chat was on my laptop thru wifi)...the chat went dead and I've gotten no followup which is a disappointment. I am highly considering to switch over to T Mobile after many, many years with Verizon.  My city is on the I-10 corridor with Baton Rouge, LA and New Orleans, LA one and 2 hours away.  Can someone with Verizon answer this: What is the problem in Lafayette, Louisiana with spotty coverage? Thank you 

Re: Poor coverage as long as I can recall in my area- zip code 70503
Customer Service Rep

We certainly want you to have the best possible service. Coverage may vary  due to a variety of reasons such as cell-site changes, foliage, construction, population changes, and interference. 


Verizon Wireless Radio Frequency engineers and system performance engineers regularly evaluate network coverage and performance to identify locations that may require additional coverage.
Based on their analyses and recommendations, cell site construction or other improvements are then planned and budgeted accordingly. Our specific network expansions, plans, locations, and timetables are considered proprietary and confidential; therefore, we do not have any exact details for tower installation or enhancements.
What specific service concerns are you having?