Poor coverage in Roswell, GA

Hi.  I moved to my home in 30075 (neighborhood Whittingham Park) at the end of 2020.  Even when I was looking at houses I saw the service at this home was bad (0-1 bars) and could not be used for internet access.  Now that we live here, inside the house I always use wi-fi for all phone activities.  When we step outside and lose wi-fi we can't hold a call.  It also drops driving through the neighborhood, and I've heard the previous owners had the same issues.  Service is also extremely slow along Mountain Park Rd near Mountain Park Elementary School, as well.  In fact, the whole drive between here and there has really poor service and cannot be used to participate in business calls.  Are you able to see if this area can be checked and optimized?

Re: Poor coverage in Roswell, GA
Customer Service Rep

Our top priority is to keep you connected. Can you share the speeds you're receiving in this area? https://www.speedtest.net/