Poor coverage
Enthusiast - Level 1

I spoke with a level 2 tech at Verizon today after I found that I could neither send or receive text messages. Prior to that , we found that we could no longer attach photos to texts. The tech person( who was patient and knowledgeable) indicated that part of the reason for the poor reception was the turning off of 3G system from this area. Though no new devices were being connected to 3G, it had been in operation. Now the companies, and she indicated that this was true of all US carriers, are ending all 3G service. I believe that the carriers have recently notified persons still using 3G devices that they would no be able to receive a signal in the future. Apparently, even though we had access to 4G service, the 3G provided coverage on a wider footprint than 4G and now 5G. Also the tech indicated that this was the reason that in some instances the reason that Verizon was providing "Network Extension" devices to customers was because 4G and 5G does not penetrate buildings as effectively as 3G. Personally, I have found no difference whether I am inside the house or outside the house. I was standing next to the park in the open and my service was zero yesterday. I tried to utilize the Network Extender that Verizon sent to me(at no charge), but is gave a continuing error message(5A, which  my Google search indicated was very prevalent). After goofing around with tech support for a about 30 minutes on that to no avail, I gave up. Sent it back to Verizon. I do have a spiffy new 5 G capable phone, but it makes no difference here. Because there in no signal. I can use Wi-Fi calling on my phone(the tech told me about a simple setting change for that) but it does not help much with texts so far. And I am paying for cell service, not to use my broadband, I also noticed the recent switch in Verizon plans which, although we have 4 lines of unlimited data, unless you are in the right( and more expensive) plan, your access to higher speeds is reduced after a small amount of data usage. Makes no difference if you have unlimited data if you can not get a speedy connection. I believe that this plan reduction in speed is relatively new, and it is only evident in the very fine print. Unless Verizon adjusts or puts on more cell facilities in our neighborhood, I do not think coverage will improve in my area of Champaign Illinois. In the past 2 months, the service has actually deteriorated. I feel sorry for the techs who have to field the calls when there is no effort on the ground to improve coverage.