Poor customer attention, consideration and service

Called and spent 45 minutes trying to resolve an issue and obtain account credit and waste of time.  Explained situation regarding unauthorized account change, keeping line on our account for over a year though line has been suspended and contract as been up for over a year (as well as initial request to remove line over a year ago) and also credit for fees incurred.  Bottom line, nothing was accomplished except to finally remove suspended line from account in TWO WEEKS time with no credit whatsoever though no longer under contract.  This also despite that I explained to rep we did not want plan changes at this time that would require new contract as spouse is terminal (and has been in and out of hospital).  Verizon purports to be "supportive" during COVID-19 but I would not count on it as even with spouse terminal diagnosis, we did not receive even a lousy five dollar credit for fees incurred  due to suspended line for over a year nor fees due to spouse hospitalization.  As soon as I have the time, I plan to search for a new mobile service provider!

Re: Poor customer attention, consideration and service
Specialist - Level 3

If you requested a disconnect a year ago and line was suspended, that's on Verizon. If bill wasn't checked in all this time, that falls on you.

Credits are not valid after waiting this long, Covid-19 or not. 

Re: Poor customer attention, consideration and service
Customer Service Rep

Crshelley1953, we apologize for the lengthy hold time, and would never want you to feel this way after working with us. I understand you've had a line suspended, and the disconnection request was recently processed. I would like to look further into your account and billing concerns. I've sent you a Private Note to discuss your account concerns further.