Poor customer

Poor experience with your Verizon Wireless store employees @ 4407 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE.  Trouble with the texting feature but everything else is working.  Employee starts to troubleshoot and can't fix it.  I explain that I called customer service this morning, and used the term "you guys", in explaining the situation to the Verizon store employee.  He immediately got upset and said "I didn't do anything, don't use that term with me". I was blown away at his reaction and explained that I would use the term as he is an employee of Verizon and you is singular and plural.  He then reiterated that he wasn't responsible for anything and don't use the term "you guys".  I stated that if he was going to be so sensitive, perhaps someone else should help me, and I handed my phone to the store manager Tony.  Tony stated that they handle sales only and refused to provide assistance, despite the fact the employee had previously been trying to assist.  Tony refused to allow me to use the store phone to call and was highly unprofessional.   I know it's hard to find good help but the lack of professionalism is astounding.  @Wilmingtonverizonstore

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Customer Service Rep

We are terribly sorry to read this, ownership is one of our basic values. These messages are escalated, and monitored by our management. Can I still help you with something?

Please send me a direct message for further assistance.


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