Poor quality of signal

It's been a while from that time I spoke to Verizon with technical support.

I was reporting that my area had poor-quality signal affecting my data speed service 5g though I live in a residential area and Verizon phone was said good service available in this area.

not even gives me 2 bar signal on my new Samsung Galaxy phone and other people also using Verizon come to visit me sometimes with the same issue. I'm away one mile from the signal tower. no good signal before half a mile from the phone tower. it's not a phone issue it's a service coverage issue. it's been a while like this. A long time ago I heard promises from Verizon to take this series but nothing happens. 🙏


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Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to learn about the service issues you've been experiencing in your area, Mah-123. We'd love to take a closer look into this, and help shed some light on your concerns. Please be on the lookout for a Private Note for further review.