Poor reception Samsung S8 plus in South Carolina

I have recently moved to South Carolina and the Verizon service/reception is terrible. I can rarely make calls and am constantly dropping calls that I can make or get. I have even tried doing the WiFi calling and my phone won't allow it.  I will have 3 or 4 bars then all of a sudden drop to 1 or none. I have asked others in my development and some say they have no problem others say they have had the same issues as me. I don't understand how some people have no issues and others do.  I didn't have any issues until I moved here.  I don't have a contract so unless Verizon can fix this I am switching to another provider and I have even been a Verizon customer since I started using a cell phone.

Re: Poor reception Samsung S8 plus in South Carolina
Customer Service Rep

rcguerra14, we want to congratulate you on your recent move. Making sure you have the services you need in your home area is vital. Allow us the opportunity to further review the details of your concern. Can you please clarify if your service concern only happens in your home? How far do you have to travel to receive a proper connection? Also, can you please clarify if you receive an error message when you attempt to enable Wi-Fi Calling https://www.verizon.com/support/knowledge-base-211118/?