Poor service throughout our neighborhood.
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We've been going through this same thing, since last September.  I have been on their secure chat trying to resolve issues, send them screenshots showing no service at my house, yet I can drive 3 miles and there is complete service. Multiple households have zero or nearly zero cellular service whenever we lose power or internet.  Verizon's only solution has been to offer "extenders", which everyone who has tried them says, they are still worthless when we lose power or internet.  They tried to offer us FIOS, and everyone on FIOS has the same problem, because the issues ONLY occur when the power is out.  I have wasted hours this morning again, because we had Xfinity out to upgrade our services, and the tech had to walk out to the road to get enough signal strength to complete the job.  He said the same issue occurred up the road at another residence, and we are all on Verizon, in this area, because it was, for years, so reliable.  I think it has to do with their 5G transition, and their signal strength  because the Verizon customer service this morning confirmed there are 2 towers in our area, which should be more than adequate.   Today, they said I would either need to accept an extender, or perhaps it's my "plan".  

I've been a Verizon customer for over 30 years.   Today, I filed a complaint with the FCC.