Poor signal strength most of the time.

Signed up with Verizon Wireless last fall.  Have a 3 phone plan with high speed data.  I regret switching to Verizon from ATT.  All 3 phones, a pixel 3, pixel 4, and Samsung Galaxy, get poor reception/signal strength.  

I had Verizon prepaid a couple years ago and had full 4g LTE strength in the same spot.  Other people I know with other cell services get a good signal in the same building while mine will show no service or 1 bar of service.  

Did Verizon turn down the cell tower strength on purpose to boost sales of their Cell Phone Boosters that they sell?

I feel like i'm getting ripped off big time.  Paying over $200/month for poor service and stuck in their contract.  I do not recommend Verizon, Look elsewhere.

Re: Poor signal strength most of the time.
Customer Service Rep

We are sorry to hear about this trouble. Signal penetration can be affected by many factors. Anything from the building materials to foliage can cause signal issues. This is why we are unable to guarantee service indoors. Does this happen just in one location? StephanieS_VZW